Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Service Thursday

Welcome back to Service Thursday.

Today’s challenge is both simple and easy.

Let me tell you what I experienced yesterday – quite by accident.

There’s a lady in my office I only see from time to time. We’ll call her Heather.

Heather started working with our company about 5 months ago. The woman is a professional at customer service, and always dresses really nice.

I was walking down the row of cubicles where she sits, and I walked right past her. I stopped, and backed up.

“Heather,” I said, “did you change your hair?”

She smiled demurely and nodded.

“I love it! It looks really good on you like that!”

I continued on.

Not long after, I got an IM from one of her teammates telling me that Heather was on cloud nine. All because I happened to notice something she had changed.

But, like I said, she always dresses nice, and all she had done was try on a new hairstyle. It was almost an accident that I happened to pass by and notice.

It was that – the fact that I noticed what she’d changed – that put her over the moon.

The compliment was sincere, and she accepted it as such. She knew I wasn’t being facetious, sarcastic or saying something nice “just because”.

Sincerety goes a long, long way.

When Heather left for the day, she came and found me and she was still beaming. She thanked me for noticing, and said my comment made her day.

Here’s your challenge:

Find two or three people today who you normally don’t interact with and give them a sincere compliment.

Remember, sincerity is the key. You don’t want people thinking you’re shallow or sarcastic. If you compliment someone on something you genuinely don’t like, they’ll know. That’s not the goal.

Be sincere and they’ll feel the sincerity of the words you speak, because there will be real sincere feelings behind them.

Now that you know the challenge, go and do.

Go be nice to a few folks (not that you’re not already nice – I know you are).

Is there someone who has accomplished something you admire?

Is there someone who does what they do with exceptional kindness or efficiency?

Is there someone who has helped you or someone else through a difficult time or situation?

Remember the people who don’t get much attention.

The harried barrister at your favorite coffee shop.

The janitor who cleans up after you.

The person who has the thankless job of delivering your mail.

You know who I’m talking about.

Have fun with it, but do it.


And as always, I’m asking you to pass it on.

Digg this. Stumble this. Link this. Post this.

But wait until after you’ve completed your challenge.



Olson Family said...

I took your challenge today while out running errands. I hope it at least eased some of the drudgery in the day for someone. It reminded me that I am truly grateful for the help and assistance I get every day from those who are "just doing their job."

James H said...

Olson Family:

I can almost guarantee the people you talked to will remember their encounter with you. I'll bet it not only eased their drudgery, but gave them an extra lift and a reason to smile all day long!

Thanks for taking my challenge -