Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Military Families

Welcome to Tuesday.

Today, I want to do something to honor our military and their families.

No matter the political persuasion you happen to subscribe to, our men and women in uniform put their lives and safety on the line every day.

They don’t make the policy.

They go where they’re sent and do what they’re ordered to do.

And, often, the families are caught short.

When a member of our military is deployed, their spouses and children get left behind to deal with the financial and other life pressures that are tough enough when the military member is home full-time.

Can you imagine the pride swallowing that takes place when the family of a deployed Sailor, Airman, Soldier, Marine or Coast Guardsman has to decide whether or not to ask for help?

Is there something you and I can do today to make life a little easier for these families?

Here’s today’s challenge:

Think of someone in your family or social circle who is in the military. What are their needs? Remember, some of their needs may be more than financial. They may be emotional. Theymay be spiritual. Remember that they deal with loneliness, uncertainty and the very real fear that their loved one may not make it home.

The Holidays are fast approaching. Is there something you can plan out now to include the family of a deployed man or woman in uniform?

Can you plan to include them for your Thanksgiving dinner?

Can you plan to include them in your Christmas, Hanukah or other celebration?

Can you help them make ends meet by donating food, clothing or other items to them – even if anonymously done?
Can you invite them to ride with you to worship services?

Can you even send a thank you note, or thank them in person for sending their loved one into harm’s way?

I think you can.

Remember, you don’t have to agree with the reason these brave people are deployed. They follow orders. That’s their job. Still, you can do something today – and throughout the Holidays to ease the burden of those left behind.

Let’s do it.

Let’s take care of those who have sent their husbands, wives, children and parents off to far away places.

Lets take care of those who are sworn to take care of us.

Let’s do it.

Thank you for taking today’s challenge.

By doing some small and simple act of service, we really can make an impact in our world.

Please pass it on.
And, while you're at it, here's a great way to help out - an easy link to click! http://emailourmilitary.blogspot.com/2008/10/grab-your-troops-support-holiday.html
Remember, Service is the Action Form of Love!



Dayngr said...

I love it!!


Erin said...

Thank you! My husband has deployed six times since 2001, and two of those have been during the holidays. Thank you for giving us families recognition, because often we get forgotten. It seems all the phone calls are asking how my husband is, which I appreciate, but sometimes I wish someone would ask me, "How are YOU doing?"
Great job.

James H said...

You're welcome, Erin.

And thank you so much for being willing to share your husband with the rest of America.

Please don't be afraid to speak up and make your needs known.

We should all be willing to take better care of you and remember your sacrifice, as well.