Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finding the Trail

Welcome to Wednesday.

For many of us who work in the corporate world, this is considered “over the hump day”. It’s the middle of the week, right smack-dab between Monday and Friday.

For some, the day is easy – we have a clear goal and direction of where we want to go – what we want to accomplish.

For others, our vision is not so clear. We can’t always find a clearly marked trail. Such myopia can be especially troublesome when we feel that we are being pulled in all directions.

You must know that if you feel this way, others do too. They are searching for a path up and out of their troubles. They are hoping to find a trail marker. All too often, however, there is no rock at the trailhead with fluorescent painted sign marked “Trail”.

Sometimes they need a trail guide. They need someone to show them that someone else has not only found the trail, but they have ascended the mountain. They not only need to know there is indeed a trail, they also need a firm reassurance that the trail is walkable and the view from the top is worth the hike to get there.

Have you found the trail?

Have you been to the summit?

Can you help someone else find the trail?

Can you guide them up the trail so they can see the view you’ve been blessed to see?

Think about the trails you’ve blazed, or found with the help of others. Can you identify them?

Have you traversed the trail of addiction? Divorce? Losing a loved one through divorce or death? Disability? Single parenthood?
Have you seen the vista of freedom from the top of the trail?

Would you be willing to share your experience and help someone else find that trail?

I bet you would.

So, here’s today’s challenge:

Seek out one person today who is struggling. You may not be an expert at completely overcoming the same struggle, but you may be farther up the trail than them.

Can you reach back and help them get to where you are?

Can you teach them, through word, deed and example, how to find and then climb the trail?

I promise you, that if you help someone up to where you are, you can help each other from there, on up to the summit. And you know what? At that point, you’re both there.

You can do it.

You can help them.

I know you can – and I very much appreciate the fact that you’re willing to try.

Please pass it on.


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