Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Love

Welcome to Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I’ve been thinking a lot about a scripture, lately.

The ancient Apostle, John said:

“We love Him, because He first loved us” (John 4:19)

There are so many times in my life where I know I make it difficult to love me. I truly can make myself “unlovable”. This is a weakness I have that I’m all too aware of.

I can be disagreeable, quick to judge and oh, so surly. These are some things about me that I am working on changing. But in the meantime, I realize others suffer.

Are there people in your life who seem unlovable? Do they get surly, disagreeable and downright ornery?

This is where the above scripture comes into play.

Jesus loved us first.

How can that be?

How can such a perfect Being love the unlovable like me?

I have a theory.

If you’re a parent, think about your children when they first burst into the world. If you’re not a parent, try and remember your relationship with your own parents.

When your child was born, what was the feeling you had? Did you immediately love them? Did you embrace them? Did you feel an overwhelming desire to protect them from all the harm the world can inflict on them?

If you did, think about why.

Practically and logically speaking, they didn’t deserve your love or protection. They hadn’t earned it yet.

They were simply consumers. They were non-producers. They neither contributed to the household finances, nor to the upkeep of your home.

They ate. They slept. They cried when they needed food or sleep.

They were utterly and completely dependent on you and others to even survive.

But you loved them.


Well, because they were yours. You knew their potential. You knew there could be times in their future when they would frustrate you, anger you, and even cause deep, deep heartache.

You knew they could, someday, become unlovable.

Yet you still loved them.

I honestly believe it’s the same way with Christ and Father in Heaven.

We could never, ever produce enough on our own to pay Them back for all They’ve done for us. We’re consumers. The contributions we do make are miniscule in comparison to what we receive. And yet, we know, They still allow us Their mercy, grace and unconditional love.

Think for a moment –

Who in your circle of family or friends seems unloveable?

Who is irascible? Who is cranky? Who is, to be frank, a jerk to be around?

Now that you’re thinking about them, let’s look at it another way.

Who needs encouragement? Who needs a kind word or action? Who needs your love?

Could it be the same person? I think it could be.

So, here’s your challenge:

Find someone who is difficult to love. Pray to be able to understand their heart a little better. Ask God and yourself what one or two small and simple things you can do to show them they are loved.

Then, when you have your answer, go and do.

Try your very best to show them love.

Be prepared for resistance. They may not want your help or your love – yet. That’s okay. Try.

Just try.

Also, try your very best to complete this challenge without expecting anything in return. This is not about you – it is all about them.

Thank you for taking today’s challenge. I love you for being so willing to serve one another.
You are loved.

But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. (Samuel 16:7)
Remember, Service is the Action Form of Love!



kerina said...

I will definitely take up this challenge. Thanks for reminding us that we all need to remember who loved us first.

Kathryn Skaggs said...

That scripture, that He loved us first - has always held great power with me, personally. Thank you for another lovely post:-)