Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Did you think to pray?

There’s a hymn our church sings, that says:

“Ere you left your room this morning, did you think to pray?”

This is today’s challenge.

Praying for others. Even if they’re strangers. We all need God’s help..

You can either concentrate on one person, family or situation and pray for them throughout the day, or you can say short but earnest prayers for many different people or families or situations as you encounter them.

Have you ever been in heavy traffic, and seen a driver on the side of the road with a disabled car? You don’t know why – maybe they ran out of gas. Maybe their alternator failed them or a fan belt snapped.

All you know is they’re there, and because of time constraints or traffic, or maybe both, you just can’t help them.

You don’t know them, but you still feel bad. You wish there was something you could do.

There is.

You can say a prayer for them.

No, you don’t have to (nor should you) close your eyes while you’re driving – then you’ll also need help. But you can talk to God and ask Him to send help to the stranded motorist. You can ask that they be protected from harm and danger.

You can ask that they can have access to the same mercy you’ve been a recipient of.

It works in other situations, too.

What about the woman on the train who looks like she’s just got far too much to deal with?

What about the elderly couple struggling to get by?

What about the natural disaster victims you hear about on the news?

Do you think they would benefit from prayer?

How about someone you know dealing with a medical condition that seems hopeless or at least painful?

How about a co-worker who is trying to learn how to navigate office politics?

How about a single mom or dad struggling just to get by while keeping their sanity intact?

Could you pray for them?

Would you pray for them?

That is your challenge for today.

Pray for others.
Thank you for being willing to read and take this challenge. I’ll pray for you to be able to complete it and feel the peace and joy that only God, with His mercy and love can give you.

And, as always, I’m asking you to pass it on.


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brookeaprilrain said...

I said a prayer for you today, and for all those that I hold dear...thanks for this...made me feel good today.