Friday, October 10, 2008

Simple Stranger Challenge

It’s been a long week, so I want to give you a very easy and simple challenge today.

Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Find out what makes them who they are. See if you can learn something from them. Encourage them to teach you something you didn’t know.

This isn’t about furthering your own interests. Keep your business cards in your briefcase, pocket or purse. This is about focusing completely and totally on the stranger.

Ask them questions, and encourage them to tell you something new.

It could be something trivial, like what they had for breakfast.

It could be something profound, like why they have or had a healthy or unhealthy relationship with their parents and siblings.

When you leave them and the conversation, who knows? You might have made a new friend.

Whatever you do, do your best to leave them feeling better for having met you.

That’s the challenge.

You can do it.

Have fun with it! But take it seriously, too.

And please – pass it on. Remember, Service is the Action Form of Love!


1 comment:

LdsNana-AskMormon said...

So simple, and yet so profound. Such a difference this simple act, could make in the life of someone you don't even know... yet:-)