Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best of Service - The Action Form of Love

It’s Thursday – one more day til we can relax and enjoy the weekend.

I have a lot of new people reading my blog now, so I thought that today, instead of posting a service challenge, I would link to some of my old favorites – a “Best of Service – The Action Form of Love” if you will.

So, without further introduction, here are my favorite five:

Judging (Posted December 1, 2008)

Lambs Don’t Roar (Posted November 19, 2008)

Pro Bono (Posted November 12, 2008)

Doing the Math (Posted October 30, 2008)

I hope you enjoy these favorite five posts –

Please feel free to stumble, retweet, forward or email any of the service challenges.

I appreciate you!


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