Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do you have 10 minutes to spare?

What can you do to make someone’s day worthwhile? A lot, actually.

Have you ever noticed those days when you just aren’t feeling “in the groove”? You know those times - the times where you just feel the blahs coming on. You don’t want to be bothered to even show up for work, but you do it anyway because you need the money.

We all have those days.

What would make you feel better?

A smile. A hug. A friendly and encouraging word from someone, even if they don’t know you all that well.

Take a moment right now, and think about those in your current environment. If you’re at work, stand up and take a quick look around you. What do you see? Are you looking at people who are happy with their lives? Is there one who seems to be having a bad day? Maybe they’re lonely or just not in a great mood.

Maybe their car hasn’t been in the best of shape lately, and they’re tired of mechanics and having to buy oil and antifreeze. Maybe they had a spat with their kids or spouse this morning. Who knows?

If you were having a bad day, how would you feel if someone made the effort to let you know that they care? How invaluable to you for someone else to have someone just… listen? You know they don’t have to fix whatever the problem is. Just having someone take five or ten minutes out of their busy day to ask how you’re doing – how you’re really doing, and then listen to you with their heart.

We all want someone to listen to us once in awhile. We want to know that we’re not alone in what we’re going through. We want to feel a part of the great network of humanity, with all it’s imperfections and greatness.

We don’t have to feel that we’re right all the time. But to know that our feelings are validated is a special gift.

Do you see someone who needs that today? Can you find a few minutes in your busy day to go and listen to them? Can you go ask how they’re feeling and then just listen without judgment or interruption? Can you let them speak for several minutes and really focus on how they’re feeling?

Can you smile, nod and let them know they are a valuable person? Can you let them know you appreciate what they add to your life, your career or your organization?

Can you?

I think you can.

I appreciate all of you who come read my words and then act on the challenges I give you. You make me feel worthwhile and needed. You can’t possibly know how good you make me feel. Thank you for that.

Now, please spread the love. Go find someone and make a difference in their day, too. And please, pass it on.


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A Well Behaved Mormon Woman said...

I love how you describe a "true" friend. As many of us know, service is rarely convenient - as we are basically selfish by nature:-)

It requires a choice within each of us - to extend ourselves to others and do that which will bless another.

The true miracle of even the smallest act of kindness, is that the return for ourselves - most always cannot be measured.