Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meet Don

I'd like to tell you about a boy I met at church. I'll call him Don.

At 16, Don seems to be closer to God than anyone I know, child or adult. He's mentally challenged, but that works to his advantage.

In a talk his mom gave last month, she told of overhearing Don tell God, in prayer, that he was ready to go Home whenever God was ready to send for him. And he was happily serious about it.

Today while I was sitting in the foyer at Church, Don happened to be in the hall. Two strangers walked by and Don rushed to introduce himself.

"I'm Don! Who are you?"

A little taken aback, they told him their names. Chris and Mike.

He hugged them both at the same time while fairly yelling, "Hi, Chris! Hi, Mike!" He was genuinely excited to have two new friends (they just didn't know they were best friends yet).

I watched their faces as Don ran off to greet others. Their surprised looks gave way to honest-to-goodness smiles. He had touched their hearts with simple love that was complete and unambiguous.

I wish I could be more like Don.

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