Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dangerous Viruses

We fight viruses every day. It seems to be a never ending battle.

During the winter months, we fight a lot of viruses that can threaten our health. The cold virus is one example of something that can leave us feeling absolutely miserable. Nobody likes having a cold.

There are also viruses that can infect our computer with spyware, malware and other pernicious problems we may not even be able to see or combat without the help of an expert.

But there’s another virus that spreads so quickly, it can do a lot of damage to a lot of people and organizations before anyone really has a chance to combat it. If this particular virus is allowed to spread without being challenged and treated, it can result in great losses to productivity, and the general health of individuals and even an entire work force.

This virus is called negativity.

One person with a negative attitude can infect everyone around them, and, very often, that’s a symptom of the virus itself, for they can’t seem to keep it to themselves and be content with that. Once they’re infected, they feel a certain obligation to spread it from person to person, until everyone else feels as miserable as they are.

What a nasty virus!

The only thing I’ve really found effective at fighting the negativity virus is to get away and isolate myself from the carrier. I’ve tried reasoning, cheerfulness, positivity and other antidotes, but many times, my efforts are ineffective and I end up getting infected with what they have before I know it.

So, here’s your challenge today:

Be a carrier for a different kind of virus.

Be a positivity carrier.

Just for today, smile like you mean it.

When you and others are faced with grim news (and let’s face it, there’s plenty of that to go around these days), look past the negative and find the positive. Then share that with others. While the carriers of the negativity virus always look for the dark cloud inside the silver lining, see if you can look past that and find the silver lining.

Do you know someone who is down, who needs encouragement, love, caring and a dose of something positive? You can help them. You don’t need anyone’s permission to help them, just do it.

Be a positivity carrier.

Infect as many people as you can.

They may think you’re crazy, but that’s okay. Often people infected with negativity can only see optimism as insanity. Don’t worry about that, and certainly don’t let that affect your efforts to find the good amidst all the bad.

Can you be positive today?

Can you be a carrier of the positivity virus?

Can you infect others?

I think you can.

Now, go and do and have fun with it!

Thank you for reading today’s post. I appreciate you. Because I know you come to my blog and read what I write, I feel more positive about life.

See? You’re already doing it.

And always remember, Service is the Action Form of Love.

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