Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lambs Don't Roar

Welcome to Wednesday!

I’ve been thinking of something Jesus called His followers in the scriptures. He called them sheep, and sometimes lambs. In fact, He Himself is called the Lamb of God. That tells me that being called a sheep or a lamb is nothing to feel insulted about. On the contrary, if Christ can be called the Lamb of God, I am honored to be one of His lambs.

We live in an increasingly hostile world. Many times, good people are attacked for their beliefs, opinions and lifestyles. Those of us who face this hostility are, naturally inclined to fight back.

Something I’d like to point out:

Lambs Don’t Roar.

They don’t fight back.

They are not predatory by nature.

So, here’s today’s challenge –

Be a lamb.

When faced with opposition, criticism, insults or other boorish behavior, don’t roar.

Don’t fight back.

Listen to what they have to say, and fight your natural inclination to attack back.

It doesn’t matter what they’re attacking. It could be your faith. It could be your integrity. It could be everything you are and have become.

Whatever it is, listen, disregard what’s not true, smile and say, “thank you”.

Then walk away, back to the safety of your fold.

I realize this is one of the tougher challenges I’ve given, but I know you can do it. It won’t be easy, and it may not even make you feel good for now.

But try it and see what happens.

I’d be interested in hearing your experiences with this challenge. You’re welcome to post as a comment.

Thank you for taking today’s challenge.

I appreciate you!

As always, please feel free to pass this challenge on to others.

And, remember – Service is the Action Form of Love.



Olson Family said...

Very inspiring post. I hope you know I read your blog every day and try to take your words to heart. You are making a difference.

James H said...

Olsen Family:

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and let me know. You do the hard work by serving, but it's a real boost to me to know that I'm also making a difference.

I appreciate you!