Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Running Late

It’s Tueday. I’m running late with today’s post. I apologize to those of you who are used to a post first thing in the morning.

This is a great way to introduce today’s challenge.

We all have issues with being tardy to a meeting, a lunch or even something more informal.

We also know there are those who are perpetually late in meeting with us.

So, here’s today’s challenge:

Today, let it go.

Remember that as you want to be treated (with kindness and forgiveness), you should be able to forgive those who are late. I’ve found that in most cases, people aren’t late to be rude or inconsiderate.
They often have a very good reason for running behind.

I remember hearing a story about a young woman who was waiting for her steady to pick her up for a date.

She sat home, all dressed and ready for a wonderful time out, but he didn’t show.

No phone call.

No date.


She stewed and steamed, wondering why she was even dating this guy. How could he be so indifferent to her and to her feelings?

She went to bed angry, resolving to chew him out the next time he called on her, and to never see him again.

A day or so later, she heard from his family.

On his way to pick her up, he had been in a terrible car accident. This was back before cellphones, and there was no way for him or the authorities to call her. Even if they could have, the man’s condition was such that he wouldn’t have been able to ask anyone to call and apologize.

Can you imagine her feelings once she found out the true reason for his being late?

How would you feel?

So, today, let’s forgive those who stand us up, who run in late, who seem to have forgotten about us.

Let’s consider the fact that life happens to us all, and though we would like to be judged by our intentions and not our actions, others deserve the same from us.

Thank you for reading today’s challenge. I appreciate you.

And, I’m sorry for running late.

Remember, Service is the Action form of Love.



The Whitney's said...

Very good challenge! I don't know if I'm one to easily forgive tardiness to things that are important to me... but trivial things will easily be forgiven now.

UT girl said...

Considering I'm always late - this is an easy challenge for me.

jiggins said...

I look deeper than the surface of the situation, so as to not attract any unwanted energies.. and truthfully, sometimes things happen. It makes the World go round. We do what we can to be our best and when things happen, it's not such an ordeal. :) When you forgive the situation which has disrupted your plans, your whole energy changes. You are now attracting gratitude, and thus a clearer connection to the Universe.