Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Susan Powell's Family Thanks You

Thank you all for joining the group. Thank you all for your prayers, support and suggestions. We read them all and pass them on to the WVPD, as appropriate. I know the frustration many of you have expressed in not being able to do more, and the pace of the investigation. Progress is being made and no possibility is being ignored. Every tip given to the WVPD is being worked, please know that your tips are important. With every new group member another set of eyes and ears is involved in finding Susan. This gives great comfort and hope to Susan's family. I appreciate every word of support, every prayer, and positive word. Tips are great but speculation about who did what, what the investigators are doing or not doing only slow the investigation and can potentially sabotage future legal action. I can assure you that the WVPD is actively working the case and using every resource available. Thank you for your support and patience. We share your frustration with how long it is taking, we love Susan and want her reunited with her family, but we know we must be patient. It is so very hard for us as the family to wait. We worry we are not doing all we can. We worry that Susan is waiting for us to rescue her and that every minute lost is priceless. Currently begging for your help and patience and providing tips and information is the best we can do. Your support and prayers help us through each day and each hour.

Thank you. (Susan's Father and Family)

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Anonymous said...

I'm following Susan's case and I just wanted to let you know I like your blog. It's very inspiring and I'm glad I took the time to look at it a little bit. I will have to come back and check it out again. Thank you for inspiring people to do kind things for others!