Thursday, June 19, 2008

Service - The Action Form of Love

Service is the Action Form of Loving One Another

A friend and I are starting to work on a “serve one another” project.
Though we are in the infant stages of this project, here's what wehope to accomplish:

- Set aside one week of the year where we encourage all people toserve someone else without any need for compensation or recognition

- Publicize this project as far and as wide as possible

- Encourage others to find even small and simple ways to serveothers... whether it be a smile, helping with groceries, mowing alawn, baking cookies or anything else the imagination andcircumstances can conjure up

What we need:

- Volunteers who will help spread the word through any mediumavailable to them

- Prayers for guidance, inspiration and the tools, ideas and peopleneeded to be available to all participants
Interested? We're deciding on a week for our project now. Pleaseemail James at

And, remember, Service is the Action Form of Love!

Thank you!
James Hofheins

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